skype school offer english language online course


  1. Taught by English teachers with bi-lingual proficiency.
  2. One on one attention through Skype
  3. Punctuality
  4.  Speparate methods for child and adult teaching
  5. Free modern British/American culture familliarization
  6. Flexible Schedules. Choose your day and your hour of learning
  7. Teachers for French, Spanish and Urdu speaking students.

Duration : 6 months

By end of your classes, you will be able to speak and understand English completely.

*Duration may vary depending on your learning abilities and taking regular classes.

English – A brief history

English is a West Germanic language that originated after the Germanic invaders and settlers from various parts of Germany and Netherlands came to Britain. The history of the language really started with the invasion of three Germanic tribes Angles, Jutes and Saxons during the 5th century AD. At the time the inhabitants of Britain spoke Celtic language and most of these Celtic speakers were pushed north to Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Old English (450 – 1100 AD)

The Germanic tribes that invaded Britain spoke similar languages which developed into the Old English. It was nowhere near the English language of today. But almost half of the most commonly known words come from the Old English like be strong and water. It was around 1100 AD that the old English developed into Middle English.

Middle English (1100 – 1500 AD)

During the mid of 11th century AD, the Duke of Normandy invaded Britain and conquered it. They spoke a dialect of French which became the official court language and of the ruling and business class. The lower classes of citizens spoke English and it was during the 14th century AD, English became dominant once again but with the addition of many French words. Chaucer was a famous Middle English poet (c1340 – 1400). It was still very different from the modern English. During this era it became a widely spoken language in Britain and could be understood at almost all parts of the region.

Modern English (1500 AD – Present)

Modern English can be divided into two parts. The early modern English (1500 – 1800) differed from the MiddleEnglish in pronunciation, especially the vowels being pronounced shorter. In the 16th century the British were meeting people from around the world and many more words and phrases were added during the period. In this era printing was introduced and books became cheaper which was the major cause of the widespread of English literature. It was during this era that the grammar was fixed and the Dialect of London became standard. The first English dictionary was also printed in this era.

Late modern English (1800 – Present) had many more words and phrases added to the language. The British Empire was at its peak in the 19th century and the language adopted words from different languages from around the world. Currently English is the third largest language of the world and approximately 375 million people in different parts of the world speak it as their first language. This number could rise dramatically to over a billion if the people who speak English as second language are added. English is widely spoken and taught in many countries of the world today and can be understood in almost every part. More than 30 countries of the world have English as their primary language and many other countries it is used as an official language.